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Proper care for your feet and legs is extremely important, which is why we offer many quality choices for compression stockings and specialty socks at Carlisle Pharmacy. It can be especially challenging to maintain adequate circulation if you are elderly or have been diagnosed with a condition that affects blood flow such as diabetes or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Fortunately, specialty socks and stockings are available to improve circulation in your legs and feet, helping you feel your best.

Trusted Brands

At Carlisle Pharmacy, we are proud to be a trusted SIGVARIS compression stockings dealer. Our pharmacy carries business, cotton, and sports compression socks and stockings for both men and women. If you require custom compression stockings, all you need to do is come in for a fitting and we will order your very own fitted compression stockings.

Get in touch with Carlisle Pharmacy to learn more about the compression stockings and diabetic socks we carry.

Trusted brands

Keep Your Feet & Legs Comfortable

With an extensive supply of compression socks and stockings – we have the right fit for you!



“Fantastic prices, knowledgable staff!!!”

 – Storey R. (2016)

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